Pointer CelloTrack Nano

Starter Kit

by ThingWorx Labs

The CelloTrack Nano system is a technology platform for cargo and mobile asset tracking, centered on the use of a network of realtime wireless sensors. These sensors can measure any number of environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, light, pressure, door open, impact, movement, sound, and so on.

A local and centralized CelloTrack Nano Hub receives the information and compiles it into data reports for realtime mobile updates, sent via cellular internet service to a remote server. The CelloTrack Nano is created by Pointer Corporation.

These devices are designed to communicate with a server which does not directly interface with the ThingWorx Platform. In addition, the individual sensors are not capable of running the ThingWorx Edge MicroServer or the ThingWorx C-SDK, so a ThingWorx Protocol Adapter SDK is utilized to forward data from the CelloTrack Nano system to the ThingWorx platform.


Release Date: December 04, 2015
Last Updated: December 04, 2015
Current Version:1.0
Software Application Type:Starter Kit
Requirements:ThingWorx Platform 6.5


This item has been tested and certified by ThingWorx to successfully work with the ThingWorx platform, however this item is not currently supported by ThingWorx. By utilizing this item you acknowledge that the content is provided in ‘as-is’ condition and support will not be provided.