MultiTech Dragonfly System-on-Module

Starter Kit

by Multi-Tech Systems

The Multitech MultiConnect Dragonfly is a cellular SoM with complete communications hardware. It contains an integrated Cortex M4 Processor and comes with an ARM mbed compatible software library. The device is capable of interacting with a remote ThingWorx platform via specialized programs which are compiled externally and then run on the device. These programs are set up to make periodic rest calls to the TWX platform via TCP socket, in a similar manner to the Edge Microserver. However, this particular integration will not focus on maintaining a connection to the Platform as a typical Edge Device.

This Guide will follow the steps involved in bringing this device online via cellular radio connection to interact with a ThingWorx platform, by means of a ThingWorx example program created by Multitech Corporation.


Release Date: September 29, 2016
Last Updated: September 29, 2016
Current Version:1.0.0
Software Application Type:Starter Kit

ThingWorx Platform

MultiTech Dragonfly Device


This item has been tested and certified by ThingWorx to successfully work with the ThingWorx platform, however this item is not currently supported by ThingWorx. By utilizing this item you acknowledge that the content is provided in ‘as-is’ condition and support will not be provided.