Libelium Dashboard

Starter Kit

by ThingWorx Labs

ThingWorx Dashboards illustrate the power of ThingWorx’s endless user interface applications for any integration. The ThingWorx Mashup is powerful by itself, but the Dashboard widget capability adds to the functionality by allowing users to rapidly create seamless user-facing applications with no development time necessary.  
Libelium is a leading designer and manufacturer of hardware and software development kits for wireless sensor networks. This Dashboard Starter Kit Application Template, created by ThingWorx Labs, provides a starting point to build a custom Libelium device Thingworx integration, and more importantly – it provides the visual mashups and entities necessary to do so out-of-the-box.


Release Date: July 17, 2016
Last Updated: July 17, 2016
Current Version:1.0
Software Application Type:Starter Kit

ThingWorx Platform 7.1+


This item has been tested and certified by ThingWorx to successfully work with the ThingWorx platform, however this item is not currently supported by ThingWorx. By utilizing this item you acknowledge that the content is provided in ‘as-is’ condition and support will not be provided.