CMS VerdeTTo Access Valve Integration


by Certified

The CMS VerdeTTo Access Valve, together with CMS VerdeTTo IoT Directory Services, enable the performance of additional validation of inbound requests to the ThingWorx platform, based on unique client certificates and their extended attributes.

CMS VerdeTTo IoT Directory Services is a pre-requisite, and must be actively deployed in order to make use of this extension. CMS VerdeTTo is a separately licensable platform from Certified Security Solutions –

CMS VerdeTTo is also able, through a set of agent components and APIs, to monitor and manage the contents of a Root of Trust (RoT) – including certificate keystores and truststores – on both the platform server and the client devices. This ensures that certificates with a compromised key or certificate authority can be quickly blocked from accessing the platform, and that replacement certificates can be automatically issued and delivered to a device keystore.


Release Date: February 11, 2017
Last Updated: February 11, 2017
Current Version:1.0.0
Software Application Type:Extension
Requirements:Thingworx Platform 7.x 

CMS VerdeTTo IoT Directory Services