Starter Kit

by Interstacks

This starter kit will show you how to connect the Interstacks IoT starter kit hardware and its luminosity sensor to a Thingworx application mashup. The luminosity values will be streamed from the Interstacks stack via a Wifi internet connection to a real-time visualization of those values on the Thingworx mashup. You will learn how to develop a “Blueprint” (application) for your stack, and view the data it sends in a Thingworx server application.

Interstacks is a system of snap-together, modular electronic blocks and visual authoring tool (Stackbuilder), that enables anyone to rapidly build and deploy new IoT edge hardware. 

  • First, choose the electronic hardware blocks you want to use for a project. 
  • Snap them together into a stack. 
  • Download and install the Stackbuilder authoring tool. 
  • Connect the included USB cable between your stack and computer. 
  • Connect power to your stack using the included wall power supply. 
  • Use the Stackbuilder software to create a stack blueprint that tells your stack what you want it to do. 
  • Press the “Send to Stack” button in Stackbuilder to send your blueprint to your connected stack and save it in the stack. 
After your blueprint is working correctly, you can disconnect the stack from your computer. Every time your stack is connected to power, it will load the blueprint you sent to it. The Stackbuilder authoring tool allows you to create a stack blueprint (“program a stack”) by simply dragging and dropping hardware and software blocks into the blueprint area, and then drawing lines (channels) between the input and output terminals of those blocks. You can mix hardware and software blocks in your blueprint. The hardware blocks correspond to the Interstacks hardware you purchased. Software blocks can be found in the built-in “Software' tab in Stackbuilder or you can create your own, in the “My Blocks” tab of Stackbuilder, by typing text using the Python programming language. 

Please refer to documentation on many topics at


Release Date: September 07, 2017
Last Updated: September 07, 2017
Current Version:1.0
Software Application Type:Starter Kit

ThingWorx 7.1+


Support for this item is provided by Interstacks. 

Their support channel desk can be contacted at:

412-488-2900 (Support hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday).