ThingWorx Marketplace Publication Process


Submitting your offering


Developers & partners can submit their extensions/device integrations to ThingWorx for certification.

Extensions: Extensions can be service (function/method) libraries, connector templates, functional widgets, integrations to 3rd party systems, and more. Extensions enable ThingWorx users to quickly and easily enhance the functionality of their IoT application.
Applications: Applications are fully functioning software applications built using the ThingWorx Platform.
Starter-Kits: Starter Kits include everything you need to develop IoT solutions with ThingWorx and ThingWorx Ready products/devices.  Starter Kits include complete instructions, sample software, a sample application, and tutorials.

Each submission must include the following items:

  • Software (binary artifact)
  • User Guide detailing installation and configuration instructions. User guide template for software integrations is available here and a user guide template for device integrations can be found here.
  • Completed Submission checklist. Checklist Available here.
  • Acknowledgements, if any, of any pre-certification activities such as Code scan, Security checks, Functional Testing etc with supporting documentation.
  • Publication details: Corporate logos/other images, demonstration videos and collateral (brochures, case studies, white papers, etc.) to be published along with the artifact.
  • Support contact and service level information including emails, telephone numbers and website information.
  • Partner Publication Template, available here
  • When submitting content you acknowledge and accept our Publisher Agreement


To initiate the process please send us an email to

Status emails will be send to the submitter during every stage of the certification process.