ThingWorx Marketplace Publication Process



Because there are multiple tools available to integrate your system into ThingWorx, choosing an appropriate tool or combination of tools can seem like an overwhelming task.  This section will work to guide you from an idea through the process of identifying where it fits in an IoT solution, which side of the integration to build content on, what ThingWorx technology exists to use for development and where to learn how to use that technology. It is meant to help you make the decisions to simplify the development process and get you started!

The following steps will help you make design decisions in the process of developing content for Marketplace.

    1. Where in the solution does my integration fit in?
      Explore a simplified 3 part view of an IoT solution and approach the journey starting from where your integration fits. This is the recommended place to start.
    2. Which side of the integration should I build something for?
      Explore the pros and cons to building integrations both inside and outside of ThingWorx and a list of technologies associated with each.
    3. What technology should I use to build my integration?
      Explore what each technology option offers and how they compare to similar technology options.
    4. What exactly should I be building with this technology?
      Explore the resources, where you can find more information about how to use the technology you have selected for building your marketplace content.