Marketplace Publishing Process

The Marketplace contains ThingWorx-compatible software components that can be downloaded and installed into a ThingWorx runtime environment, enhancing the value of a ThingWorx IoT application. Partners have the ability to create and publish components to the ThingWorx Marketplace.  If you're not a partner and are interested in learning more please read about the Value of the PTC Partner Ecosystem.

Your Marketplace listing, which typically consists of a brief description of your offering, additional collateral, and a demonstration video, is what appears on the Marketplace site. Marketplace users will have full access to the content you provide. They can also install your extension/application by clicking the download button, or, obtain additional information about your offering if you choose to have a “Learn More” button instead.

The following diagram outlines the high level process for building and publishing content to the Marketplace:

ThingWorx Marketplace Publication Process
  • Marketplace developers can integrate their product or service with ThingWorx IoT platform, and share their content with the ThingWorx Global community.
  • Developers can use pre-built content on Marketplace and rapidly build applications or build a complete IoT solution using ThingWorx development tools.
  • All submissions to marketplace seamlessly integrate with the ThingWorx Platform and include internal QA and certification before it is published to ThingWorx Marketplace.

Learn how to develop content for ThingWorx Marketplace

  • Upon completion of development, publishers must submit their offering to the Marketplace Team for certification
  • Requirements include:
    • Software component (binary artifact)
    • Appropriate documentation
    • Technical contact(s) and service level information

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  • ThingWorx will perform the validation and certification of the submitted content
  • Offerings will be reviewed and validated according to the following criteria:
    • Can the offering be uploaded/connected to the ThingWorx Platform
    • Are all documented capabilities fully functional
    • Does the documentation appropriately outline the required implementation and configuration process

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  • Certified submissions are posted to the ThingWorx Marketplace
  • Offerings are made immediately available for all registered and verified Marketplace users

This process is followed for all content published to the Marketplace. The following sections detail each step in this process.

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