The following list includes our partner's products and services that have been certified with PTC's IoT Technology platforms.

Manufacturer Product
Apache Solr Enterprise Search Server
ATrack AX7
ATrack AU7
ATrack AK1 Series
B+B SmartWorx Conel V2 Cellular Router
B+B SmartWorx Spectre V3 LTE Cellular Router
Broadcom WICED Wi-Fi
CalAmp LMU-4520 Series
CalAmp LMU-2700 Series
CalAmp LMU-1200 Series
CalAmp LMU-3030
CalAmp TTU-700
CalAmp TTU-2820
Certified Security Solutions (CSS) CMS VerdeTTo IoT Identity Platform
Cimetrics T6130
Cisco Jasper Cisco Jasper Control Center
Cisco Systems Cisco 800 Series I-ISR
ClearConnex ClearComm 1.0
Danlaw DL 700/750
Dell Dell Edge Gateway 5000
Dell IoT Gateway
Device Authority Device Authority IoT Security Platform
Digi Cloud Transport WR21
Echelon Smart Server 2.0
eWON 2005CD/4005CD
Grid Connect ConnectSense
HMS Networks HMS OEM Toolbox
Intel Galileo
Inventek Systems ISM43362-M3X-EVB-E
Inventek Systems ISM43362-M3G-L44
Kepware KepServerEX
Kore PRiSMPro
Lantronix XPort
Lantronix Premierwave XN
Libelium Meshlium Xtreme
Libelium Meshlium Xtreme
Monnit Monnit Cellular Gateways
MultiTech MultiTech Dragonfly
MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit
MultiTech MultiConnect OCG-E H5
MultiTech MultiConnect OCG-D H5
NetComm Wireless NTC-40
NetComm Wireless NTC-30
NetComm Wireless NTC-6200 - 3G M2M Router Plus
NetComm Wireless Wireless MachineLink
Novatel Wireless SA-G+
Novatel Wireless SA-2100
Novatel Wireless MT4100
Novatel Wireless MT3050
NXP Semiconductors i.MX6UltraLite Development Kit
Option CloudGate
Oracle Java for Raspberry Pi
Orion Technology Services OBDTRAC 3G
Pointer CelloTrack Nano
Pointer CelloTrack Nano
Raspberry Pi Model B
Sierra Monitor Corporation (SMC) FieldServer IIoT Gateway
Sierra Wireless AirPrime Smart Modules
Stream Technologies IoT-X
Super Micro Computer, Inc. IoT Gateway System E100
Super Micro Computer, Inc. IoT Gateway System E100-8Q
Support.com Nexus Connect
Texas Instruements Texas Instruments BeagleBone Black
Vantron VT-M2M-BTA-DE
Vantron LV ARM
Vantron VT-M2M-LV
Vantron VT-M2M-TC-VM
Vantron VT-M2M-QK
Velio OBDII Plug
ViziApps ViziApps Mobile App Builder
Xirgo Technologies XT-5000G
Xirgo Technologies XT-4760G
Xirgo Technologies XT-2000
Xirgo Technologies XT-4700
Xirgo Technologies XT-4560G
Xirgo Technologies XT-4000