Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ThingWorx Marketplace?

The ThingWorx Marketplace is the first app store for the Internet of Things. It brings together hardware and software vendors with IoT app developers and solution providers within an online exchange that is transforming how IoT solutions are built. With the ThingWorx Marketplace, solution providers can quickly enhance their existing IoT applications, and developers and ThingWorx Partners can build and publish new, innovative add-ons and extensions to the ThingWorx Platform.

What is available on the ThingWorx Marketplace?

The ThingWorx Marketplace consists of applications, platform extensions, ThingWorx Ready certified products and their corresponding Starter Kits as well as a comprehensive overview of the ThingWorx Partner Ecosystem.

How does ThingWorx certify content for the Marketplace?

All content listed on the ThingWorx Marketplace has been tested and verified by the ThingWorx Certification Team. Mandatory reviews that are being performed by the Certification Team include:

  • Security and vulnerability review
  • Automated code review
  • Functional verification
  • Documentation review
  • Regression testing

The ThingWorx Certification Team also executes ThingWorx Platform compatibility testing for any published component – both for the initial certification review, as well as on an ongoing basis. This practice ensures that any published component maintains compatible with the latest version of the ThingWorx Platform.

For more information on the publishing process, click here.

What is a Platform Extension?

Extensions can be service (function/method) libraries, connector templates, functional widgets, and more. They are a common way for ThingWorx Partners to integrate their product or service with the ThingWorx Platform, to allow for a seamless communication between the two systems.

Extensions enable customers, partners, 3rd parties, as well as ThingWorx itself, to quickly and easily add new functionality to an IoT solution.

What is an App?

Apps are pre-built, fully functioning software applications, developed utilizing the ThingWorx Platform, and serve the purpose of solving a variety of problems. With minimal configuration, most applications are fully functional and ready for use, helping our customers to eliminate the need to develop the content themselves.

ThingWorx Partners can publish (and potentially monetize) applications and application templates that they have created using the ThingWorx Platform.

What is a ThingWorx Ready Certified Products?

ThingWorx Partners offer a wide variety of compatible and certified products and software that can be easily integrated into the ThingWorx Platform. Most certified products come along with an associated Starter Kit that provides everything you need to get started developing with the ThingWorx Platform and ThingWorx Ready products.

Starter Kits include complete instructions, sample software, sample application, and tutorials on how to effectively utilize the product or software.

What is a Software Development Kit (SDK)?

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of tools that can be used to develop applications targeting a specific platform. SDKs include tools, libraries, documentation, and sample code that help developers build an application. Our SDKs make software development not only easier but also more efficient, as they eliminate the need to search for compatible components/tools, while providing all content within one easy to install package.

What is a System Integrator?

System Integrators help accelerate IoT adoption and time-to-market for ThingWorx customers by complementing the ThingWorx Platform with solution implementation, development and consulting expertise.

How can I publish my IoT offering on the Marketplace?

Partners who list or would like to list an offering on the ThingWorx Marketplace need to complete the Publication process, consisting of 4 different steps:

  • Developing your component
  • Submitting your offering for approval
  • Certification of your content
  • Publishing your IoT offering

For more information on the publication process, please click here.

Will ThingWorx protect my privacy?

Yes! As a PTC business, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. PTC’s Privacy Policy sets the basis by which PTC may process any personal data PTC collects from or about you, or that you or any third party provide to us, not only from the use of our website at, but also in connection with managing our workforce, conducting our business, and from any other means. Please read the Privacy Policy for information about PTC’s practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it.

If you have further questions not mentioned or would like more information regarding the ThingWorx Marketplace, please contact us.