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Device Authority is delivering trust in the Internet of Things by providing the industry leading Security Automation platform that enables companies to decrease the cost and complexity of deploying and managing IoT security solutions.
Companies today struggle with the provisioning and management of PKI credentials as well as ensuring their data is fully secure and compliant with Government regulations (i.e. HIPAA, GDPR). Traditional security solutions designed to work behind company’s firewall cannot simply be repurposed to be deployed in IoT environments. Device Authority’s Security Automation platform designed for IoT addresses these challenges by focusing on:
·         Credential Management & Automated Provisioning
·         Data Centric Encryption
·         Device Authentication and Access Control
·         Revenue Protection
·         Secure OTA software updates
Customers leveraging PTC ThingWorx rapid development platform can now easily deploy PKI solutions and meet government regulations with Device Authority’s certified extension.  
Backed by more than a 12 patents and regarded by industry analysts as “pioneering the expansion of IoT security”, Device Authority is directly addressing the universal challenge of securing information within an increasingly connected world to ensure integrity, privacy and compliance.

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