ThingWorx Marketplace

The ThingWorx Marketplace gives you easy access to everything you need to build and run your ThingWorx based IoT application: From extensions and apps that can be downloaded and integrated directly into your ThingWorx application to partners that can help you build your IoT solution or offer certified and compatible products that work with it.

With the ThingWorx Marketplace you don’t have to spend your time and valuable resources evaluating which software and products work with your applications. All components listed on the ThingWorx Marketplace are customized, tested and guaranteed to work with the ThingWorx platform.

Build and run your IoT application using pre-built components

ThingWorx Marketplace - Pre-built components

Accelerate time-to-market and cut development costs by leveraging pre-built and tested components.

The ThingWorx Marketplace gives you access to an extensive inventory of extensions and apps that are not only immediately downloadable and ready to use but also allow you to assemble entire IoT solutions from tested and proven components.

Find certified products

Whether you are looking for a cloud platform, an analytics service or a gateway; finding the right product or software for your IoT application takes only a moment. ThingWorx Partners offer a wide variety of compatible and certified products and software that can be easily integrated into the ThingWorx Platform.

ThingWorx Marketplace - Certified Products

Profit from the expertise ThingWorx Partners provide

ThingWorx Marketplace - Partner Overview

Leverage the most extensive ecosystem surrounding the IoT. Find certified and trained Partners who can help you get your IoT solution delivered quickly and reliably.

Create additional revenue streams

Gain exposure as a valuable member of the ThingWorx IoT ecosystem while creating additional value streams by marketing your software, hardware and services on the ThingWorx Marketplace.


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