ThingWorx Marketplace Publication Process


What exactly should I be building with this technology?

Introduction to ThingWorx

This video will give you an overview of what ThingWorx is and how it is used in an IoT solution Click here to learn more about ThingWorx

Developer Zone

The developer zone is a place where developers can learn about and use the ThingWorx platform from the developer perspective. Click here to learn more about Developer Zone

Understanding the thing model

Visual Representation of the Thing Model.  Click here to learn more about thing model

Specific technology reference materials

Outside of ThingWorx:

Inside of ThingWorx

  • Extensions
  • Eclipse plugin Marketplace Listing
    Eclipse plugin: The eclipse plugin is built to make building extensions much easier for the developer by handling a lot of the extension specific metadata for you.
    Extension Development Guide: Guide to creating extensions.
    Extension SDK: SDK used to create extensions.

  • Packaged Entities
  • Anything you can create on ThingWorx Composer can be exported into a binary(.twx) or XML file and imported by other users. Learn More

Learning connector

The learning connector is your one stop shop to all of the resources available for training. It connects to multiple different systems and is context sensitive (meaning it will show you information based on what you are looking at) while developing inside of ThingWorx Composer.
You can access the Learning connector from the top right of your ThingWorx platform. This will link it to your platform and make it context sensitive.

Learning Exchange 

Youtube style videos explaining different parts of the ThingWorx Platform.

ThingWorx Platform Help Center

ThingWorx Edge Help Center

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