Getting Started

The ThingWorx Marketplace is the first online exchange for the Internet of Things that brings together hardware and software vendors with IoT app developers and solution providers. Leveraging the ThingWorx Marketplace, developers and ThingWorx Partners can build and publish innovative applications, add-ons, and extensions. This enables customers and solution providers to rapidly enhance their existing IoT applications by utilizing pre-built components.

The ThingWorx Marketplace is transforming how IoT solutions are built by facilitating interaction between IoT consumers, IoT developers and IoT partners all from within a single online app exchange.

Logging In

Partners and Customers can log in to the ThingWorx Marketplace using their assigned PTC username and password:

  • Visit the ThingWorx Marketplace at
  • Click on Login in the top right corner
  • Enter your assigned PTC Username and Password
  • Click Log In
  • You will now be logged in to the ThingWorx Marketplace and able to move throughout the system.

If you are not a Partner or Customer or have forgotten your PTC username and password, you can register for a free Marketplace account here.

Navigating through the Marketplace

The ThingWorx Marketplace was designed with an intuitive user interface that enables users to quickly and easily navigate the Marketplace with little or no training. Users that are familiar with traditional website navigation will move throughout the site without difficulty.

  • Browsing through a page:
    Scroll up and down within each page by utilizing your mouse or the scroll bar on the right side of the screen
  • Search:
    There are multiple ways to search for content on the ThingWorx Marketplace:
    • Utilize the top navigation to search for all Apps, Components, Partners and Certified Products
    • Categories help narrowing the content on the Marketplace while giving a complete overview of all existing content within the particular category
    • Use the search bar in the upper right corner to search the entire Marketplace for targeted content.
Downloading an Offering

The ThingWorx Marketplace contains a large number of offerings that are available for download. To download an offering:

  • Make sure you are logged in with your verified PTC username and password
  • Click on the badge of the offering you would like to download
  • Click on the green “Get this” button located on the lower left
  • The download process will automatically open a new tab in your web browser and complete the download

Once downloaded, the content can be installed and used immediately.

For more information on the different types of offerings available on the ThingWorx Marketplace, please visit our FAQ page and review the sections:

  • What is an app?
  • What is an extension?
  • What is a certified product?
Installing and Uninstalling an Extension

Extensions are ZIP Archives that contain the files for the extension and a metadata file.

CRITICAL: Do NOT change the name of the ZIP file or the installation will fail!

  • To import (install) an extension into ThingWorx:
    • Log in to ThingWorx as an Administrator
    • From the Import/Export menu, select "Import Extension"
  • To import multiple extensions at once into ThingWorx:

    This follows the same process as above, however allows you to import multiple extensions at once by adding all the Extension ZIP Archives into one new ZIP Archive. Do not extract the files from the ZIP Archives, basically you are creating a ZIP archive containing ZIP archives.

  • To uninstall an extension from ThingWorx:
    • Log in to ThingWorx as an Administrator
    • Verify that the extension you are planning to delete is not used by any Things or Templates etc. Use "Dependencies" to check.
    • From the Import/Export menu, under "Extensions", select "Manage"
    • In the Manage Extensions screen, select the Extension and select "Delete Extension"

Any errors that may occur during the import or deletion will be logged in the Application Log.

Do you have a question or suggestion for an extension or application that you would like to see in our Marketplace? Contact us and let us know.